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To increase market share, you need an experienced partner, one who can offers you proven capabilities for complex customer interactions. A partner with industry knowledge, meaningful insights and one that can create repeatable results while protecting your brand. A partner should provide turnkey services maximize the potential of your team and reach the next level of performance. Most importantly, you need a partner to coordinate your people resources and drive your market actions to be constantly ahead of your competition.


Direct Sales

Our sales team can approach professionally end users of the main market industries and provide them, using qualified methods, technology solutions. Our experience in sales can boost your sales in industries which already are being served as well as new unreachable one. Our sales process includes the following steps: identifing “core” needs by probing deep into your customers’ challenges, articulate the value of economic benefit of the solution in terms of ROI, engage contacts who can influence decision makers when direct engagement isn’t possible, setting a timeline within which a buyer must make a final decision.

Product Launch

Through our business knowledge and commitment of our experienced team we have established practices, and a proven methodology that allow us to launch a new product/service rapidly. Our high-performing field sales team engage with targeted professionals to effectively communicate your message and grow your brand. Every sales team is custom designed to your profile cultural and business goals.

Apart from the Greek market we are able to expand your business activities to a wide spectrum of European countries, utilizing our partnership with Aexus, a major outsourcing sales services Dutch company, established in 2000.

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Customer Engagement

Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services team provide a high level of services from large to small business owners and specific market industries’ companies. Our team provide immediate market awareness and activities to enhance brand relation and engagement. Our team working exclusively with your company to supplement and enhance your existing internal sales structure, to engage your team and coordinate your marketing efforts.

Customer Acquisition

Acquire market share rapidly. Our experience is integrated to our turnkey sales strategies and allow our team to serve as an extension of your company, and represent only you as with a dedicated sales force. Our representatives are experienced in your industry and knowledgeable about your company so they can engage effectively with your future customers. Every campaign is custom created and monitored to meet your business goals and your customers’ expectations.

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Customer Retention

Stay on top of existing customer accounts and understand shifting business drivers, so you can recognize upcoming opportunities or threats. Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services market intelligence paired with our experienced team help you reduce the churn, retain customers and maintain growth.

Sales Teams Evaluation / Coaching

Experienced sales executives at Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services assist to improve your in-house sales team’s performance. Our sales consulting services includes salesperson evaluations, coaching and performance metrics that align with your corporate values and goals motivate team members to achieve new levels of performance. Our performance management program helps you boost your sales performance and keeps your sales team together. It gives every salesperson the tools they need to continually improve their performance. Our evaluation also seeks to identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses that drive results and spot the ideal candidates for management positions.

Channel Acceleration

When your channel partners not bringing enough revenue you can count on Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services to recruit and enable the right channel partners for your business and make better use of your channel marketing funds. We are experienced in channel development and management, optimizing the sales result.

Our consultants can help you find the solutions that will drive sales performance to the next level.
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