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Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services

Find new or underserved markets

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What Outsourcing Sales can do for your company?

The Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services model can be used as a lower risk and lower cost alternative for acquiring new clients, testing new markets, launching new products or for new market penetration.

More About Nexus
Focus on new or underserved markets
Minimize the cost of sales
Organize and implement new product or service rollouts
Achieve greater performance
Provide expertise within a wide spectrum of industries
Break down silos

Our Solutions

Direct Sales

Our sales team can approach professionally end users of the main market industries and provide them, using qualified methods, technology solutions.

Product Launch

Through our business knowledge and commitment of our experienced team we have established practices, and a proven methodology that allow us to launch a new product/service rapidly.

Customer Engagement

Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services team provide a high level of services from large to small business owners and specific market industries’ companies.

Customer Aquisition

Our experience is integrated to our turnkey sales strategies and allow our team to serve as an extension of your company, and represent only you as with a dedicated sales force.

Customer Retention

Stay on top of existing customer accounts and understand shifting business drivers, so you can recognize upcoming opportunities or threats.

Sales Teams Evaluation / Coaching

Experienced sales executives at Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services assist to improve your in-house sales team’s performance.

Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services


Percent of our customers would recommend us.


Average lead-to-opportunity conversion rate.


We deliver much more than the competition.

Our consultants can help you find the solutions that will drive sales performance to the next level.
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Nexus Outsourcing Sales Services

“We guide new and existing tech companies to success, driving performance faster and efficiently”

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